Standing Security Guards

Stationary security guards serve as the backbone of all our security solutions. As the most visible and present deterrent to crime, our security guards are instrumental in keeping most threats at bay and serve as the first line of defense in most emergencies.

Effectively trained to respond to threats, our standing security guards are experts in identifying and mitigating risks, preventing security breaches, and enhancing emergency responses. Since security guards serve as the first point of contact for visitors in many locations, we train them with a customer service mindset that allows them to be a comforting and dependable presence for you and your guests.

Typical Duties of a Samanian Security Guard

Depending on your unique security needs and challenges, you can use our standing security guards to:

  • Provide access control and concierge services
  • Work as an obvious crime deterrent
  • Provide fire watch services
  • Conduct mobile and foot patrols
  • Provide VIP escort and protection
  • Respond to alarms and emergencies
  • Monitor premises
  • Provide crowd control
  • And more.

Visible Security at the Ready

Most crimes are crimes of opportunity. Utilizing the services of a professionally trained security guard allows you to send a strong warning signal to criminals to stay away from your property and person.

Whether you are looking for a stationery security guard to secure your home, workspace, or business, we have the solution you might be looking for. Get in touch today and see how we can help you.