Our Values

What makes us different?

Our service culture is underlined by a code of life that we live and work by. The values serving as its cornerstones include consistency, integrity, commitment, communication, professionalism, and experience


Consistency is the key to our excellence. To ensure our customers feel safe when they task us with their protection, we insist on following a relentlessly high and consistent level of service quality that permeates everything from protocols to techniques and from open communication to professionalism.

Using it to standardize our processes, strengthen our training programs, and refine our communications, we have been able to achieve a high level of service quality that our customers have come to depend on.


We hold ourselves to the highest standards of legal, ethical, and moral conduct as we strive to secure and protect what you have entrusted to us. Respecting your privacy, safeguarding your confidentiality, being transparent with our processes, and accepting accountability is how we gain your trust.

By prioritizing integrity, we prioritize fairness and impartiality. Instead of recklessly and lazily detecting threats based on how a person or situation appears outwardly, we analyze more intelligently. We ensure that our clients’ protection isn’t marred by ethical breaches. In doing so, we protect more than just physical assets — we safeguard reputations, rights, and peace of mind.


We are steadfast in our commitment to going above and beyond standard practices to deliver tailored services that answer specific security needs. Ensuring the safety and security of our clients and their assets, we continuously pursue knowledge, staying abreast of cutting-edge security practices and technologies.

Our deep sense of duty propels us to provide exceptional services, maintain a dependable security presence, and promote a safe environment for our clients, preventing potential threats.


Effective communication forms the backbone of our strong relationships with clients. We actively listen, empathize, and engage with our clients, making sure that their needs and concerns are heard and addressed.

By maintaining open channels of communication with all the relevant personnel in a given situation, we share crucial intelligence, respond swiftly to evolving situations, and coordinate efforts seamlessly. Working as a cohesive unit allows us to forge a culture of collaboration where we all come together to create a safer world.


Professionalism is the North Star that guides all that we do at Samanian Security Services. With unwavering poise and precision, it allows us to navigate complex situations, maintaining composure and displaying astute judgment in critical conditions.

Our security officers follow high standards of professionalism as they identify threats, mitigate risks, and de-escalate dangerous situations. Trained to exude professionalism in every interaction, our dedicated security personnel are a source of inspiration that helps us exceed client expectations every time.


Samanian Security Services is a dynamic organization that’s run on expertise and experiences earned and won on the battlefield. As a veteran-owned and operated outfit, we value the enhanced level of knowledge, adaptability, situational awareness, and problem-solving that only comes from experience.

Having several years of experience providing contextual security solutions to individuals and businesses, we are determined to elevate the industry by bringing on- and off-field experiences together and addressing the diverse challenges inherent in the security industry.