Our Process

We have always known that responsive security systems are always on track. At Samanian Security Services, the blueprint of our success is creating security solutions that are designed around you. And here is how we do it.


Holding ourselves to the highest standards of integrity and transparency, we choose the best possible people for each stage of the job for every client. Expertly trained in security solutions and serving with a customer-centric approach, our security personnel help us implement Samanian-approved plans to give you unimpeachable, secure environments.

Active Listening

Every business, even of the same size and serving the same audience, has differences that make it unique. We work with you by listening to your needs. Your goals and requirements help us identify areas that need our most attention. We also listen to your partners, stakeholders, and employees to understand where the vulnerabilities lie and the best way to answer those.


Once we know what we are dealing with, we move on to the assessment phase, where we analyze the situation. This involves much groundwork, where we visit your site, investigate the surrounding area, conduct research, and determine the gaps.

During the assessment phase, we remain in constant contact with you to ensure there are no changes in the situation. If there are, we will factor those in and pivot to work around the new problem. This remains part of the next phase as well.


Once we have assessed the situation and shortlisted the solutions, we will share our findings and work together to devise an action plan. This will entail several strategic decisions where our initial catalog of proposed services might shift to accommodate changes. Before a final action plan is finalized, you are given a complete walkthrough of how it will help you achieve your goals and the way it answers your exact security needs. Once you approve, we will move on to implementation.

If you are looking for security solutions that are tailor-made just for you, Samanian Security Services is where you can find the answers.