The services menu at Samanian Security is an elaborate offering. It is designed to give you a wide range of solutions and offers. We abhor premade security packages. They never work.

Standing Security Guards

Protect your premises against potential intruders and suspicious activities. Use our efficient standing guard services for monitoring, access control, and quick action when you need an immediate response.

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Foot and Vehicle Patrol Security

Ideal for clients looking for a crime-deterrent security presence without the need for full-time coverage. Protect against theft, vandalism, illegal parking, and more.

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Parking Lot & Traffic Control

Smooth flow of traffic entering and leaving your premises is crucial in maintaining a safe location. Hire our services today to manage your parking lots more efficiently and safely.

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Construction Site Security

Will use our team of OSHA-certified experienced personnel to maintain access control, site safety, and secure management for all your construction materials and the construction site itself.

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CCTV Monitoring

Let us keep an eye out for you as you go about your work and daily routines. Using advanced surveillance technologies, we keep your home and business safe from all potential threats.

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Armed Security

We are a licensed security service to provide our clients with the highest form of physical security in the form of armed protection. You can choose unarmed protection as well.

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