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Made-to-order Protection

Security that work is never mass-produced, and as a veteran-owned and operated security outfit, we at Samanian Security Services understand that. That’s why we bring you infallible security solutions that are tailor-made and custom-designed just for you.

Our Services

The services menu at Samanian Security is an elaborate offering. It is designed to give you a wide range of solutions and offers. We abhor premade security packages. They never work.

Standing Security Guards

Protect your premises against potential intruders and suspicious activities. Use our efficient standing guard services for monitoring, access control, and quick action when you need an immediate response.

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Foot and Vehicle Patrol Security

Ideal for clients looking for a crime-deterrent security presence without the need for full-time coverage. Protect against theft, vandalism, illegal parking, and more.

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Parking Lot & Traffic Control

Smooth flow of traffic entering and leaving your premises is crucial in maintaining a safe location. Hire our services today to manage your parking lots more efficiently and safely.

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Construction Site Security

Will use our team of OSHA-certified experienced personnel to maintain access control, site safety, and secure management for all your construction materials and the construction site itself.

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CCTV Monitoring

Let us keep an eye out for you as you go about your work and daily routines. Using advanced surveillance technologies, we keep your home and business safe from all potential threats.

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Armed Security

We are a licensed security service to provide our clients with the highest form of physical security in the form of armed protection. You can choose unarmed protection as well.

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With Samanian Security Services you get

  • Intelligent solutions tailored to your requirements
  • Armed/unarmed security protection
  • Trained and licensed officers
  • Availability of emergency services
  • 24/7 security guards
  • Experienced professionals
  • Crime deterrent expertise
  • Immediate backup assistance

A little About Us

Samanian Security Services is created with a single aim: to make our communities safer with intelligent security solutions that are precise and innovative.

Our team comprises highly trained and experienced security professionals who have served in the military and understand the importance of strategy and preparedness. That’s what we bring to the table when we work with you.

Whether you are looking for security protection for a one-off event or want a more long-term solution, Samanian Security Services is a name you can trust.

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Quick Inquiry

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Dedicated team with ontime response


Kelian Anderson

As a project manager overseeing multiple sites, I’ve had the pleasure of partnering with several security firms. However, Samanian Security Services truly stands out from the rest. Their team thoroughly understood our security needs from the moment we engaged their services. Their guards were highly trained and courteous and maintained a strong presence on-site. They effectively managed access control, conducted regular patrols, and responded promptly to security incidents. I highly recommend Samanian Security Services to anyone seeking reliable and top-notch security at their construction site.

Charlotte Emma

Having experienced security concerns, we decided to go for Samanian Security Services for our warehouse security, which was an excellent decision. The team provided by Samanian Security Services was exceptional in every aspect; they conducted a comprehensive risk assessment, developed a tailored security plan, and executed it flawlessly. Their proactive approach, professionalism, and ability to handle unforeseen situations were impressive. We could focus on the event itself, knowing that Samanian Security Services had our safety covered.