Foot and Vehicle Patrol Security

Not all sites require a robust 24/7 security schedule; some areas are lightly trafficked, and others have more infrequent occupancies. For these flexible premises, you need equally adaptable solutions.

With Samanian Security Services, you get high-end security solutions with a more malleable approach. Our mobile patrol security is a prominent presence that discourages common criminals and reinforces a sense of safety in citizens and residents. They are trained to respond to emergencies, diffuse conflicts, and maintain a secure environment.

Protect Your Flexibility with a Mobile Patrol Guard

Our patrol security units work with you to offer flexible solutions that keep your sites secure from all threats and risks. Depending on what you require, we can devise a patrol schedule that can work randomly to discourage a predictable pattern — or, if you want, something more dependable that’s always there at a predetermined time.

Flexible patrol security officers help you protect these common areas:

  • Regular/irregular patrol
  • Maintaining key access points
  • Being a visible crime deterrent
  • Protecting odd-hour employees
  • Maintaining alarm systems
  • Identifying unauthorized vehicles and persons
  • Providing rapid response in emergencies
  • And more.

Security Coverage that Moves

We have always believed that efficient security is never of the garden variety, and it must work for your needs. With that in mind, we offer you security coverage that’s as lean and responsive as you want it to be.

Take advantage of highly-trained mobile patrol security units by Samanian Security Services and protect how you live and work.